About Fete Accompli

Fete Accompli draws on a wealth of culinary experience and traditions – with a focus on the best French technique – providing inventive, honest, colorful food.



Quincy Adams Erickson

About Chef Quincy Erickson:

Trained from birth to consciously think about food, she has always been curious and tenacious about this world of food that we live in.   “You are what you eat” is more than just a saying in her family.

Our food is fun, inventive,

flavorful, and extremely satisfying....

We are centered on balance in our food and with our menus.  We are constantly experimenting.  We love to team up with you and with each other on making sincere, expressive food.   When we have an idea, we imagine how it will taste and from there we start the process of experimentation.  

The taste of the food is most important followed closely by how it looks.  Our goal is to achieve vibrant taste and beautiful color.  And then drawing from our French training, we seek out the best way to perfect this for “on the road” food.   From our kitchen to your event.

The food we eat, the food we put in our bodies each day, three plus times a day, is extremely important to us.   We read labels; we encourage you to read labels.  We partner only with companies and people that we feel share our passion for basic quality food.   We cook like we are going to eat the food ourselves or serve it to our family or close friends. 



And we taste each food before we serve it, in fact we taste every dish, not once, not twice but many times before we declare it ready for you and your guests.  We buy local produce and/or organics whenever possible, and we cook and peel, roast it all ourselves.   Our goal is to bring out the best in the flavor of the food. 



We love to share our love of food and the passion that we feel towards food.   Our menu is a reflection of that, and the taste is where we hope to pull you into our world.   We believe in honest ingredients like butter, cream, cheese; garlic, scallions and shallots; great vinegars, olive oils and mustards.  We believe in vegetables.  We believe that eating should come in all colors, all flavors and from a wide variety of foods.   We believe that a small amount of great tasting food, made with care and imagination is more satisfying.  And when it is more satisfying, you eat less.


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